5 Survival Tips for Holidaying With Kids at Christmas

Traveling with kids at Christmas

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Travelling with little ones at any time of the year can be stressful, especially if you’re doing it alone. If you are planning to spend the Christmas holidays with family and friends or alternatively, go abroad, it’s important that you plan in advance to avoid a car catastrophe/ flight failure.

Here are 5 top tips to make sure you arrive at your destination in once peace and with a sane mind:

1. Don’t forget the presents

Kids will still want to open their presents on Christmas day, so make sure you wrap and hide the presents before setting off. If you can, try to mail them to the destination in advance to save yourself some luggage room.
Don’t try to leave the wrapping until you get to the destination. You might run out of wrapping paper or cellotape.

However, if you are flying you may need to do this in case security needs to open the items to check what’s inside.
It may be that you’re not doing big presents this year because you have gone on holiday. That’s fine; just pack a little gift so they still have something to open. Anything expensive should be kept in your hand luggage, in case of breakages.

2. Agree on the same story

Your little ones will probably be asking how Father Christmas will know where you are, if you are away from home. Get your story straight. Tell them that Santa knows where everyone is at Christmas so he will definitely find you. Or alternatively, say that Santa is going to come see you all when you get back because he’ll be less busy.

3. Take your traditions with you

If you have some customs that you do every single year, why miss out? You can still leave out some milk and cookies, and you can take some decorations with you to adorn the hotel room.

4. Check out the local festivities

What better way to experience Christmas in another culture, than to see what is going on locally? Perhaps there is mass at a nearby church, or a big Christmas dinner being put on by the hotel’s restaurant? If you are travelling to Australia, why not spend Christmas day on Bondi Beach having a BBQ? Try something new and give your kids a Christmas that they will never forget. Just mix the old traditions with new ones.

5. Check transportation

Make sure the local buses/taxis/trains are still working when you plan to travel. Public transport is affected over the holidays, so check that the services are still running.

So there you have 5 survival tips for holidaying with children at Christmas. Now remember; when they are driving you up the wall and making you pull your hair out- close your eyes, take a deep breath, and remind yourself it is a happy time of year to spend quality time together.

Have a fantastic Christmas wherever you are!

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