5 Important Rules of Safe Firearms Handling


Photo by CC user Begemot on Flickr.

The saying, ‘guns don’t kill people, people do’, is correct. Firearms are used for sport, for hunting and protecting farms and livestock, so contrary to what many people believe, they’re not something that should be kept from responsible people. In order to use the firearms that you bought from a hunting store with guns for sale safely, it’s vital to follow some important firearm safety rules, including the following five rules that are vital to safe firearms handling.

1. The Muzzle Must be Pointed In A Safe Direction

The golden rule of safe firearm handling, ensure the muzzle of the gun is pointed in a safe direction at all times, even when the safety is on. That’s another rule – don’t rely on the safety – but it’s even more important to not point the gun in the direction of yourself or other people. Steelos Gun’s & Outdoors are a gun dealer in Perth and they can advise you on why it’s so important that you pay close attention to where you’re pointing the gun.

2. Firearms Should Be Stored Unloaded

Not only should you store firearms unloaded, but you should also keep the ammunition separate from the firearm. This is a very important rule, one that you’ll surely be advised of when you buy guns for sale from a local gun or hunting store.

3. Know Your Target and What’s Beyond It

Know what you’re shooting at is a rule that you don’t want to overlook. While you may know precisely where the target is, how sure are you of what’s behind it? It doesn’t take much time to check and you could save a life in the process. Many people have made this fatal mistake, one that you don’t want to find yourself guilty of making.

4. Use the Correct Ammunition for Your Firearm

As you surely know well, there are different types of ammunition for different types of guns so you need to purchase the correct ammunition for your firearm at the hunting store in your local area. There are different brands to choose from, but the type of ammunition purchased must be the right one.

5. Don’t Modify Firearms

It’s illegal to modify a firearm in Australia, so not only are you putting your health and safety at risk by modifying your firearm, not to mention taking the risk of rendering it useless, but you could also find yourself in trouble with the law. A firearm may seem simple, but it’s actually a very complicated and intricate mechanism that needs to be taken care of and treated with respect. That means having it serviced and cleaned regularly to keep it in top working condition.

These five important rules of safe firearm handling are important for everyone to follow, including those who’ve handled firearms all their lives. Too many people have been injured or worse when handling guns, even those bought legally at a local hunting store with the correct permit and license, so please take note of these important safety tips to stay safe.