5 Financial and Environmental Benefits of Solar Energy

Solar power is becoming a really popular topic of discussion when it comes to renewable energy sources. With more and more homeowners and businesses becoming increasingly aware of their impact on the environment, more consideration is being given to solar energy than ever before. And with good reason!

There are so many advantages for both individuals and businesses when the switch from fossil fuel consumption to clean solar energy. From saving money to lowering your carbon footprint, to building a better, brighter future for generations to come, the benefits of solar energy are substantial and are worth considering when choosing how you power your home.

Continue reading below to learn more about the financial and environmental advantages of solar energy and how this renewable energy source can benefit your home or business.

Solar Adds Value To Your Home

The most vital interests of solar power are the money you will receive when you sell your Australian home. If you are looking to move and have installed a solar system to your home, you will reap the benefits of that installation in the purchase price from the buyer. Households that do not have solar installed are selling for less than homes that have installed the solar panels. The value of your home will increase by the cost of what it was to install solar to your home, if not more. One more reason to invest in solar today!

STC Tax Credits

An excellent advantage of installing solar for your consumption is that Australian homeowners who opt for solar panels can get a break through the Solar Credits Scheme. This is also known as a subsidy offering an up-front discount on the purchase of solar panels and installation. This tax credit is beneficial and eligible for homeowners, small businesses, and other community groups. The battery system to store the energy also comes with the purchase of a solar package.

Go Green With Energy Independence

Another excellent benefit of adding solar power to your home or business is the energy independence you will receive. We no longer have to rely on foreign energy to keep our vehicles on the road and homes heated. You can assist Australia and many other nations around the world break the dependence of oil, coal, and natural gas that is excavated and brought to us from foreign lands as well as from home soil.

Since oil, coal, and natural gas are not renewable sources, they will eventually run out. Without these energy sources, we will not be ready for a way to consume the energy we need. If you have been looking into solar, now is the time to install it. Solar will assist us in helping Mother Earth and keep the expensive foreign energy sources away from our beautiful lands.

Solar Will Not Increase Your Property Taxes

If you are a homeowner who is worried that once you install solar panels to your home that your property taxes will increase, do not be. Property taxes will not increase based on the Sustainability Incentives Scheme that places such as Adelaide have developed and implemented. Other cities in Australia are continually adding incentive schemes such as this so more people will be willing to make the move to solar. Solar can benefit you in many ways including the saving of money in the future.

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Who doesn’t want to lower their carbon emissions? We all know we are bleeding the Earth dry by using all the non-renewable energy sources up. One way to curtail this is to install solar power. Our need for electricity is growing continuously, and this causes the cost of non-renewable fossil fuels to increase as well as the maintenance of our electric grid. If we can harness the power of the sun and use that energy for our electricity, we can decrease the number of fossil fuels we use every year. If everyone in Australia did this, the carbon emissions would significantly diminish, helping our planet immensely!

Why Should I Switch To A Renewable Energy Source?

There are multiple financial and environmental benefits to switching to solar energy. Whether you want to save a little money on your monthly electric bill, you want to sell your home for more than what you paid, receive tax credits, enjoy energy independence, or reduce your carbon footprint; you will be saving the planet from destruction while enjoying the same energy as always. However, you will be saving much more money over the long run allowing you to be financially independent as well. Why wouldn’t you switch to solar today?