3 Reasons Branded Corporate Stationery Is Important for Your Organization

As your organization grows, you’ve doubtlessly come to realize how important it is to have your brand stand out in some way. Chances are, you’ve considered using branded corporate stationery to help you do just that.

However, you might still have doubts about it, given that the world is now reliant on mobile technology, email, and social media. On the surface, it does make sense to just invest more time into developing your online processes, websites, and social media pages. And while absolutely important for their own reasons, they simply aren’t a substitute for having your own unique branded letterhead, envelopes, business cards, and other stationery items.  

Here’s why businesses today should still take corporate stationery very seriously.


It makes your organization tangible

If you ever felt that books printed on paper felt easier to read and were an overall better experience compared to e-readers, you’re not alone.  A recent study shows significantly more people enjoy reading traditional paper books compared to e-readers. A casual survey of people around you will generally have the same results.

We respond differently to information that we see on screen compared to information that we see on something tangible, like an envelope or a business card.  While the reasons for this is still speculated on, it seems likely that the ability to physically touch and experience what we read allows the information to be more immediate, akin to looking at an object at a store in person rather than from behind a thick pane of glass.

This tangibility allows your day-to-day correspondences to have more weight and meaning than they would if they were simply emails or social media messages. This tangibility also has another effect:


Corporate stationery communicates reliability

The tangibility of real stationery also subconsciously gives recipients the idea that the message has value. You cannot communicate these reliably through emails, which have a tendency to be overlooked and ignored. Physical correspondences can deliver the idea that your organization does exist, and perhaps can be relied on more than an organization that seems to only exist in a theoretical space of digital ones and zeros.


It helps consolidate your brand – within and outside your organization

The benefits of professional corporate stationery aren’t just for your customers either.  These benefits extend to your suppliers, prospects, and employees as well. Branding is absolutely crucial for communicating values and expectations for all those who come in contact with your organization through general business or corporate events, and that also means your own employees.

Having standardized corporate stationery helps you build a brand that sends a tangible and consistent message to everyone. You simply cannot do that with generic stationery, nor will it be easy to pull off in a wholly digital space.

Even tech and social media companies today understand that, as it stands, branded stationery is still important. Those who are familiar with Google’s processes for Google My Business and other services know that even the tech giant sends physical postcards and branded envelopes through the mail.  The importance of professionally-produced corporate stationery simply cannot be overstated, even in today’s fast-paced digitally-connected world.