Why Custom Lobby Signages Are Important for Your Business

Custom Lobby Signages

When someone or somebody enter your reception area, your brand has, for the most part, the chance to make a significant, positive impression on them. And that effect produced on someone could create all the things that would benefit your business.

For example, create a partnership, sales, or press. But if your reception area does not establish such an impression, then your business is less likely, like it or not, to succeed. Lobby signages for organizations and companies help in grabbing attention, make the room a more appealing space to be, and most especially, create brand awareness. 

So, if you want to reach these targets or objectives, you will need a high-quality, effective custom lobby signage. For a little help, here are some of the reasons for and advantages of having a custom lobby sign for your business. Take a read!

Custom Lobby Signs

Custom lobby signages fit or suit the exact feel and look of your brand. A well-designed one is perhaps more than just your company logo mounted on the wall. When installed well, it attracts and grabs the attention of every visitor.

Make sure that the shape and color scheme fit in within your reception area, as well as the decorations around it. A plethora of design decisions can, for the most part, make your lobby sign more effective. You can try different options online with a customized neon logo simulator or just upload a logo of your choice, get a quote and see how it becomes your brand new neon business sign. You can also try different backgrounds online to make sure it fits your decoration.

The key part of the custom sign for your reception area is your business logo. Keep in mind that lobby signs typically incorporate your business name and logo, and is, for the most part, displayed or placed in a notable area of your lobby.

This type of signage serves to distinguish the area as the right location and establishes the tone for the entire office. When designing your logo, be creative, and allow your imagination to flow. You can find custom, high-quality interior signages at ShieldCo Art

Again, your lobby sign can be, more often than not, made from an extensive range and fusion of materials, and finished with complementary and unique textures. Additionally, it can be front-lit, back-lit, or crafted from LEDs.

For instance, law office signages will usually be a more traditional, clean design that conveys strength, neatness, and professionalism. It might be brushed metal signage with back-lighting and stand-offs to make it stand out and prominent from the wall.

Another example is the dental office sign. These office signs are usually more creative and casual, especially if they’re a family dentist. Moreover, dental office signs may use vinyl and acrylic with over-head lighting. 

Valuable Benefits

 Here are a few of the many valuable benefits of custom lobby signs:

Engage Employees

As we have mentioned, custom lobby signages highly influence and impress people. However, they send a pleasing and positive message to your staff as well. It will make them feel that the best days of your business are ahead. 

Also, if you think that this is an abstract benefit that, for the most part, doesn’t significantly impact the underlying or ultimate outcome, then think again. As a matter of fact, according to a study by The Engagement Institute, emotionally detached employees cost their owner of the business at least 550 billion dollars a year. 

Remembered Well by Customers

What do you think happens when your customers, especially the impressed ones, leave your business premises, and are, more often than not, surrounded by a sea of interior and exterior signage? 

Again, custom lobby signages offer the solution to this dilemma by keeping your brand remembered and top of mind for all the appropriate reasons. According to research conducted by FedEx Office together with Ketchum Global Research and Analytic, sixty-eight percent of consumers believe that office signage reflects or translates the quality of the products or services of a business.

Make Significant, Lasting First Impression

In this generation’s unceasingly intense and ever-competitive business landscape, establishing a significant, lasting first impression isn’t just important. In fact, it is quintessential for long-term and successful survival. Custom lobby signages and other kinds of interior signs are, for the most part, the best way to make sure that your brand and business stand out among the rest. 


Custom lobby signages are, for the most part, essential for every organization and company to reinforce your brand, welcome customers, and establish a professional and attractive appearance. This type of interior sign makes sure that your business and brand look professional, established, and trustworthy, making consumers feel relaxed and at ease once they enter your business premises.

Be creative and let your imagination run when designing your lobby logo. Keep in mind that the lobby of your company is a high-traffic space and the best area to proudly and splendidly display the logo and name of your company and give the people a lasting, positive first impression of your business. Opt for custom lobby signs to fit in your branding efforts and specifications. 

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