Top tips for online dating

Following a few tips for online dating, you'll make that connection in no time ... photo by CC user PublicDomainPictures on pixabay

The internet has really changed the way we get to find new love partners. Whilst in the past people had to go out to meet people, dating websites are now taking over that role. This is because online dating is easier than going out, and arguably cheaper. Instead of spending money in bars or nightclubs, investing in a dating website subscription seems like the smarter choice, both in terms of economics and results.

Knowing what you want

The first thing to do before subscribing to the first website we can find is to figure out what we want. There are now many dating websites which cater for all sorts of different needs, whether you are looking for a serious relationship, a travelling partner or just looking for someone to meet for sex in your area. The best thing is that whichever specialised dating website you decide to use, there will be like-minded people looking for the same thing that you do. So there is no longer a need to lie about being a romantic if the only thing you are after is just a bit of naughty fun. So once you’ve figured out what you want, just pick up a dating website which specialises into your preferences.

Making the right profile

Once you’ve found a site of interest, it is time to create a profile. Most dating websites will allow you to create a profile for free; putting limitations on what you can do with the website. This sounds like a bit of a pain but it is a good opportunity for you to practice creating a decent online dating profile whilst getting familiar with how it all works. When creating a profile, just be as honest as possible. Talk about your good side and your defaults, but try to emphasise on your qualities. If you are unsure what those are, talk to your friends and family; they will definitely be able to tell you about your best and worse sides. Furthermore, make sure to use a recent picture so that people see exactly what they are going to get.

Spotting fakes and scams

Being cautious is a necessary aspect when meeting up with strangers. And this starts with being able to spot whether the profiles you are looking at are genuine or fake. The first rule is that nobody is perfect. If you come across a profile of the most perfect millionaire whose profile picture looks like it is taken straight from a fashion model magazine, the chance is that it is fake. Most dating profiles look like people you will walk past in the streets, not airbrushed with perfect skin complexions and a god-like body. Like most things in life, if it is too good to be true, then it often is! Also, stay away from anyone who claims they need you to send them money so they can come and see you. This might sound obvious, but this is most likely a scam, if not a bad date waiting to happen.

Basically, online dating comes down to a few rules: being yourself, being careful and taking the time to make things happen. Rushing things can lead to mistakes so instead, let’s take the time to make sure you find the right partner to enjoy what you want to do, whether it is long term commitment or just a bit of fun!