Streamlining The Work Place in 2020

There’s little doubt that 2020 has been a challenging year for business. From having to adapt systems and processes to enable remote working, to finding new marketing angles in the wake of the priority reassessment the global pandemic caused, being able to pivot and embrace change swiftly became the hallmark of a business with longevity. And as we all settle into the new way of working, there is more to be done with business efficiency and streamlining, from keeping teams connected though physically apart through to ensuring that processes like print management support the needs of the business. Now more than ever, companies need to focus on implementing change that creates better workplace efficiency. This can save profits and allow employees to lead happier, more productive working lives.

Identify Your Areas Of Waste

In every business, there is usually low-hanging fruit to be found when it comes to wasteful processes. One of the key areas to look at is document management. We all need to print out items at work, but simple steps such as educating employees properly on correct settings for printers, photocopiers and fax, setting documents that scan to automatically print in black and white rather than colour, and identifying when printers and other equipment will need to be serviced or replaced can save money on support and repair call outs, wasted employee time and other inefficiencies. Working with a supplier of managed print services can help to identify these wastages and can decrease print costs by up to 30% – now that is a big saving!

Reassess Budgets

Understanding exactly where your profit margin is bleeding out needs to be a constant focus for those who are serious about weathering the storm. Every business will have problem areas creating black holes in the budget –  these need to be identified and addressed promptly. More than one fifth of small business owners cite the difficulty and cost of meeting government regulations as being an area of concern, while 27 per cent state that hiring appropriately qualified staff is a drain on resources.

Look To Technology

The process of streamlining is greatly enhanced by investing in the right technology to support your business aims. Custom programmes are a rising need to get a competitive edge and allow for better service delivery. A study by Accenture found that four in ten companies are aggressively pursuing mobile technologies as an integral part of their business strategy – should you be following suit? There is also the rising threat of cyber crime to try and counteract. Having appropriate IT security measures in place is an absolute must.

Make Some Rapid Decisions

The last thing you want is to get stuck in analysis paralysis – making swift decisions is also key to streamlining your workplace this year. It’s estimated that the cost to small and medium enterprises of the pandemic is set to exceed £69 billion. That means that in order to survive, businesses are going to have to develop a laser focus on cost efficiency, outsourcing where necessary, cutting down on discretionary expenses and aiming to grow their customer base wherever possible.