Shut-Off Excess Time and Effort in Your Business

What makes your business tick?

In order to get the most out of your company, you have to be practical when it comes to where you spend your money.

When you need supplies or new products for your business, do you buy the cheapest around, the best items with the longest shelf life, or do you try and fall somewhere in the middle in terms of spending and durability for the products you need? Lastly, do you get your employees involved in such decision making?


If you’re a smart business owner, you do the latter and you oftentimes are all the better for it.

Some of the best business products to have come on the market came from employees sitting around an office or facility and collaborating on ideas. When management takes those ideas to heart, the possibilities are endless.

One example of this is finding the necessary supplies when working in the gas assist industry.

Gas Assist Injection Molding

More specifically, gas assist injection molding is a low-pressure maneuver whereby nitrogen gas is moved all around the mold cavity to provide uniform pressure all through a fully molded piece. What makes gas injection molding so beneficial is that it can be used for products in myriad of industries.

For those in this line of work, the challenge of finding the right shut-off nozzle has proven trying at times.

The goal for companies such as JDL was to come up with a shut-off nozzle that would work in-sync with a number of gas assist suppliers in complementing this function in nozzle insertion.

After finding success, a new task came to bear, producing a smaller version which would ultimately turn out to be the universal shut-off nozzle. As a result, gas assist nozzle injection is now an option for any molding machine, with typical usage in the range of 25 tons up to 11,000 tons.

There are a number of revolutionary injection mold products available, among which include the rotary resin shut-off valve, drool eliminator, the aforementioned universal shut-off nozzle, self-actuating nozzle, and the extension nozzle.

Building Now and for the Future

Product breakthroughs such as these oftentimes are the result of bringing your staff together through team-building exercises.

When you do that, you stand a much better chance of being able to do away with wasted time and effort, bringing out the best in your workers.

In order to get the best out of your team, make sure you offer:

  • Encouragement – Encourage input from staff (whether it is with them providing their names or through anonymous suggestions). Some companies will have an “anonymous box” in a break-room or elsewhere so that employees can make suggestions on how to improve the company without providing their identity;
  • Meetings – While just about every business has some sort of meeting system in place, does your company truly get the most out of such meetings? Oftentimes, employees are shy or even afraid to speak up at such gatherings. Unfortunately, such actions ultimately stymie companies from getting better. Even though management meetings should just be for the higher-ups at the company, have more general get-togethers where employees from all levels of the business can offer input. The input can be regarding current working conditions, ideas for new products or services to offer to the public, and how to provide improved customer service;
  • Growth – Finally, any company that is worth its weight offers employees the chance to grow within the business. Those employees who take advantage of such opportunities will oftentimes end up working their way into management roles sooner rather than later. Whether they regularly contribute ideas on improved products or services, better attention to customers or even helping one another out, look for those individuals who put the time and effort into making your business stand out from the competition.

As more companies go in search of new products and services to make customer lives better, the drive for such innovation is oftentimes found right inside your building. Through the abovementioned ideas, make sure you are at the forefront of encouraging such innovation.

When you do, products like a shut-off nozzle and countless others can add productivity and increase your profits.