Pointers to help you when on that tedious job search

Searching for a job can be a long and frustrating process, but considering how important and how much of your life your new job is going to take up, its important to do it correctly. Many people settle for the first job that comes to them without considering anything beforehand, and two weeks later they quit and are back where they started but two weeks behind. Take note of the following pointers to help you when looking for a job

Make sure you are going to enjoy the job itself

You need to consider if you are going to enjoy the job. Make sure that you are looking for jobs that you have enjoyed in the past or have researched and heard opinions from people doing the job and they’re generally positive. Sometimes you don’t have any power over this, if you unfortunately draw a bad boss, there wasn’t much you could have done to prevent this, but with the current systems in place in the workplace, this is quite rare.

Is the money enough or the best you can get?

Almost everybody works because they need money to live. Some employers don’t offer the going rate for a job in the hope that they can catch a fully qualified person to do the job for cheap so if you´re looking for a job in NYC for example, consider looking up NYC employment data to ensure that the amount offered is the going rate. Consider checking other cities and states too, to see if there is a better earning opportunity elsewhere.

Are you qualified enough?

Some jobs require someone with a heap of experience and a ton of education to fulfill the role. Don’t bother wasting your time applying for corporate level jobs if you are completely outside of the requirements, concentrate on the slightly lower level roles, get yourself into the company and into the view of the corporate bosses, work hard and get yourself to the top that way. Applying for high level jobs without anywhere near the required experience will waste time and won’t even get you an interview.

Do you have the lifestyle in order to keep up with the job?

If you are a family oriented person with children, applying for a job which clearly states heavy traveling is involved is a bad idea. The money, the benefits and the lifestyle sounds great but there is a huge chance that you are going to suffer being away from your family for long or frequent periods of time, so take into account the job descriptions and think honestly to yourself if you are able to cope with them.

The points above refer to having a possibly life long career, so before you do anything in life which is potentially life long, you must think about it thoroughly. Remember that if you are just about to head to college, or deciding to change your current job to go and study for a new career, that you may only get this last chance, so make it count and think about it hard!