How to capture attention at an outdoor event

There are many ways to get your brand noticed and to market your product to new customers as well as be seen in places where your current customers like to hang. Find out what the customer behaviours are of the people who make up your target audience, where do they frequent most and what do they like to see. If, for example, they’re a sunscreen brand, this provides a perfect opportunity to meet your customers where they need you most, in the sun. To do this you need to know what outdoor events there are and then approach the organisers to find out what is required to be able to have a stand and promote your product. Sometimes it can be pricey, but other times events like to have collaborator brands that help them create the image of the event that they’re looking for.

Bring a banner

Don’t be at an outdoor event and not have outdoor banners Melbourne to make sure you get noticed. Outdoor events are often crazy busy with people strolling around browsing what’s on offer. Or, if it’s a sporting event such as a trail run or mountain bike race, they may even be distracted with the event itself and not notice you unless you make an effort to be noticed.

Great giveaways

People love to get free things. You can be sure that if you send someone around to hand out sunscreen samples, people will quickly pay attention to your brand. What you want to achieve is for them to become fans of your product. So, you can go around offering to spray sunscreen on, that way they get an immediate business opportunity to try out your brand and you won’t have to sit there waiting and hoping that they’ll try the sample and love it. They will also associate you with the activity that they love doing, so when going on a future race, they might be more likely to seek out your product again.

Have stuff for sale

For that golden moment when someone comes up and asks where they can buy the product or if you are selling anything, be sure to have some stock on hand to sell. When and if they do, give them a two-minute casual mention of some of your other products or maybe some of the benefits that your product has over its competitors. This is your moment to shine, the customer has come to you!

Enter a competition

Especially if you are struggling to get people to engage with you and your brand, maybe host a little lucky draw competition. Try partner with another brand that isn’t a competitor and complements your brand and create a package deal that can be won. The real power of this is that you are also capturing personal information which can allow you to follow up with the customer after the event has taken place. This is a great lead generation business tool that must not be missed.