A History of State Mutual Insurance

There are several different insurance companies around the United States, with some of them serving large amounts of customers while others offer service to a select few, as they themselves are a small business. If you’re looking into setting up a meeting with an agent from a larger company for your Medicare Supplement Insurance needs, you have most likely already heard of State Mutual Insurance. Below, let’s take a little look into what the company does along with a bit of its history.


State Mutual Insurance and its history

Founded back in 1936, State Mutual Insurance has prided itself in helping older Americans reach their Medicare goals through supplement plans. A legal reserve mutual insurer that is currently located and headquartered in the city of Rome, Georgia, State Mutual Insurance now conducts business and offers its services in 41 different states, along with the District of Columbia.

State Mutual Insurance company also has a record of providing the needed benefits to its customers and policyholders. Records show that since 1895, the company has paid about $198,000,000 in dividends, $178,000,000 in death benefits and $307,000,000 in other living benefits including surrender payments, endowment payments, health claims and annuity payments.

State Mutual Insurance today

Currently led by Delos Yancey, the president and CEO of the company, State Mutual Insurance offers its main product, Medicare Supplement Insurance. This insurance acts as a supplement for any Medicare insurance plans that don’t cover all of the client’s needs. There are several different types of Medicare Supplement Insurance, each varying due to the needs of their customer. Because of the variation, you may find it difficult to understand which one to go with, making the need for a qualified agent to explain each one to you in detail even more important.

Keeping true with today’s technology, State Mutual Insurance is the first, and currently only, insurance company that offers online applications to their clients. These applications allow for customers to conveniently fill in their information from the comfort of their own home. They also allow clients to receive instance electronic notifications of their personal approval status immediately after they have completed the online application, making things easier than ever before. This in turn also saves both time and money, as customers won’t have to set up a meeting and drive to and from the office. Of course that option is still available for those who prefer person to person conversations.

As State Mutual Insurance is a mutual insurance company, you’ll find that there are no stockholders and instead the company is owned by its policyholders.

Though there are lots of different insurance companies around the United States that offer help to those seeking supplemental insurance, only one offers an online system made to speed up the application process while providing a safe and comforting atmosphere to complete it in. State Mutual Insurance is a company that prides itself on offering such a service, currently the only one on the market, while answering all their client’s questions and ensuring that the right supplemental plan is chosen.