Finding Harmony – How to Balance Productivity and Health in a Co-working Space

The many business connections and the variety of new experiences that come along with the profession are some of the great advantages of being a successful entrepreneur in Hong Kong. However, these perks do not come without a price. Often, the most successful businesses thrive because their owners sacrifice time, and sometimes health, to commit to the venture.

In today’s business environment, though, professionals no longer have to give up their health for the needs of their business. The co-working space, for one, gives professionals the flexibility to work in some of the most supportive environments. Just by virtue of their arrangement, these offices are where social interaction and productivity meet.

To learn how to balance productivity and health in the co-working space, continue reading.

The Logistics

The way that most co-working spaces operate is by allowing professionals to lease the use of space. Whether renting a hot desk or a dedicated desk, professionals are also provided with the standard amenities found in most offices, which include the internet and other office equipment. To see the way one co-working outfit works, click onto to see the variety of options you can get as a part of the co-working space.

Sense Of Community

While most co-working spaces provide professionals with the standard tools in the modern business office, the factor that separates co-working spaces from other office formats is that its premise is a social principle that places collaboration over competition. For this reason, many offices promote community and make the effort of welcoming professionals into the Hong Kong business community. Whether these activities include after-hours functions, including happy hour, or more informal barbecues, it allows professionals to make friends or connect with business associates that come from an amalgam of industries.

In fact, some of the niche co-working spaces have cropped up in response to a demand for spaces that cater to particular fields. While some have open admittance, others actually interview prospective renters to make sure the goals and values of the renter align with the co-working space. In either case, many of these places establish a community that determines its form (its population) and function (purpose). For this reason, not only will your time in the space be productive, you will feel better about work.

Networking And Collaboration

The greatest benefit of the co-working space is that it places professionals smack dab in the middle of a well of expertise and knowledge. With professionals who hail from a diverse array of industries, the co-working space is definitely a place where networking takes place. Whether seated at any one of its hot desks or engaged in conversation in the lounges, these informal networking opportunities provide professionals with opportunities to give and receive referrals, to meet possible mentors, and to set the foundation of collaboration.

Collaboration can be the jumping off point for your business growth. By working with others on a project, you bring more visibility to your business profile. Furthermore, collaboration allows you to engage with others in a way that helps you expand your knowledge-base. Furthermore, collaborative projects can establish an emotional support network, so that when business is not great, you do not feel isolated or desolate. Networking and the collaborative opportunities that culminate from networking can help professionals balance both health and productivity in the co-working space.

Establishing Homeostasis In The Co-Working Space

The co-working space is a fun, trendy idea that brings an alternative to the business landscape. However, co-working can alleviate many of the stresses that go along with working in the traditional office landscape. Co-working is the intersection between productivity and social interaction allowing for renters to experience professional nirvana.