4 Essential Tips on How a Resume Should Look in 2019

how a resume should look

Did you know that every corporate job opening attracts 250 resumes and only 4-6 of those people are called for an interview?

It’s with good reason that people are trying to figure out how to make sure their resume stands out from the rest.

Are you in the process of applying for jobs and looking for tips on how a resume should look? You’re in the right place!

Keep reading to learn some tips to spruce up your resume and stand out.

Tips on How a Resume Should Look

Knowing that out of all the resumes a company received only one person will get the position can be nerve-racking. Thankfully the tips below will give you the boost of confidence you need to land your dream position

1. Show Off What You’re Passionate About

Employers want to know that the person applying is human and they want to know that you’re passionate about what you do. You can grab their attention from the beginning by showing your passion for the industry you’re applying for. 

A great way to do this is by sharing a side project that is connected to the position that you are applying for.

2. Demonstrate Your Skills

Nowadays the section listing your skills is long gone. In today’s society employers want to see how you use these skills.

You can use the skills section of your resume to also demonstrate skills like how you’re a great team leader or a great team player. Using past achievements to highlight these skills will make you stand out from all the other resumes being submitted. 

3. Include Your Strengths

In this part of your resume, you want to include your strengths that are needed for the position that you’re applying for. This will require you to read over the job description and figure out how your strengths will cover what they need.

For example, if the position requires someone that is organized and you happen to have OCD when it comes to being neat and tidy then you will want to make sure you include this strength in your resume. If the position requires you to be a fast typer and you then include this in your strengths section.

4. Optimize for Applicant Tracking Software

If you weren’t aware employers like to use applicant tracking software to make their job easier in finding the best resumes from the hundreds they receive. The software screens using specific keywords.

This is why you want to study the job description and make sure you use keywords from there. Pick out the words describing the skills they’re looking for and sprinkle them throughout your resume. 

Also, make sure that you use the right formatting to make sure your resume is chosen by the ATS. A good thing to keep in mind is that if you use a header or footer area to include your name and address an ATS might not catch that and put your resume in the “no” pile. You can use free resume templates from Adobe Spark to ensure that you’re using the right format. 

Time to Ace the Interview!

Now that you know a few tips on how a resume should look it’s time to get your resume in order and apply. Once they see your resume and call you for the interview it’s time to ace that interview and land the gig.

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